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    Titbelsoeur, it is a weird aka, especially in English... In French it means something like "lil'sis'in-law", which is how Steph, my down-syndrom disabled sis'in-law, names me. And since I have started in the mixed-media adventure to help her do something creative, I have been collecting, recycling, painting, stenciling, stamping... on to paper, boxes, jars and bottles, and mostly on to art journals.

    And once my... THING is done, I show it to you  HERE, doing my best to make you laugh a bit... in French :)


    I am a happy member of some English design teams, and I manage challenges in some French forums, commenting and showing pics on my blog. For the time being, I don't write my posts in English for a better reading, but I could if I was asked to !

    And I also host soft-price workshops some times a year, alone or with mates, in France, (but I am ready to travel if you invite me ;) and I love it ! And it looks like the students love it too !

    Do you want to see how it works on workshops ? just click HERE


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    Can't wait to read from you !!